How to keep your air conditioning in optimum condition during winter

How to keep your air conditioning in optimum condition during winter

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Keeping your AC in top condition during the winter
As the cold, dark winter nights are upon us, many home and business owners are starting to wonder how to keep their air conditioning units in optimum condition during the winter. MAC has put together some top tips you can carry out to ensure your air conditioner remains in good condition throughout the winter.

1. Check the surfaces on your outdoor air conditioning unit(s)

All outdoor air conditioning units are built to withstand any weather conditions so you will not need to worry about the unit’s integrity. However, we recommend that you check there is nothing covering or obstructing the unit, such as leaves/branches that have fallen off trees or wildlife nesting.

2. Check the air filters and vents on your indoor unit(s)

With air flowing within your air conditioning system whilst it is in operation, the air filters will naturally gather particles of dust and dirt over time and hinder the airflow. This forces your air conditioner to work harder to do its job, and potentially make your air conditioning units nosier. Not to mention it will consume more power doing so. If you have removable/reusable filters they can be gently cleaned with a cloth slightly dampened with soap and water. Similarly, it is a good idea to gently wipe away any dust gathered on the outside of the unit, especially around the vanes that direct the airflow.

3. Maintenance for your air conditioning in preparation for winter

We advise regular maintenance for your air conditioning units to keep your system in perfect working order. MAC offers an air conditioning maintenance service that is available throughout the UK for all types of air conditioning units in residential, commercial and industrial properties. You should never attempt to fix any air conditioning malfunction yourself, especially if you suspect leaking refrigerant or an electrical issue. Ensure that only a qualified professional handles any sort of repair for your own safety; our team are always willing to advise if you are unsure what to do.

How to keep your air conditioning in optimal condition during winter

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