Why being FCA accredited is important

Why being FCA accredited is important

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Commercial Heating And Cooling Systems

We recognise that investing in an air conditioning system can seem a bit daunting, that’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to spread the cost of their purchase – and, because MAC is FCA accredited, our customers can have complete confidence in choosing our finance services.

Why being FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)  accredited is important

FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) compliance has been described as a ‘gold standard’ and is a mark of reliability for customers. The FCA ensures that all firms it supervises are compliant with the obligations they must follow, including those specified within the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, to ensure customers are fully protected.

Being FCA compliant means we are independently regulated, our cash flow systems and controls have been reviewed and found satisfactory by the FCA, and it confirms that our business is viable, well-managed and meets FCA conditions. Our company information is also detailed on the Financial Services Register, which is open to public scrutiny.

Why being FCA accredited is important

At MAC, trust is fundamental to all our transactions with customers, from our courteous and knowledgeable office team to our highly professional and fully qualified engineers. That is why being FCA accredited is important to us. The trust of our customers means everything. FCA compliance is simply another aspect of our commitment to customers’ safety, security and satisfaction, which adds to our reputation as a specialist you can trust.



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