Should I get Air Conditioning – When MAC’s solutions may not be ideal for you

Should I get Air Conditioning – When MAC’s solutions may not be ideal for you

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At MAC we make every effort to provide a range of options that are both cost-effective and suited for your needs, although they may not always be an exact match to what you may have expected.  To find out whether MAC can directly offer what you’re looking for, or provide an alternative you may not yet have considered, you can find more details below.


I already purchased some air conditioning units and I just need an installer

Buying air conditioning units online can be tempting, especially when some may seem surprisingly cheap and persisting heatwaves are making the room temperatures unbearable, although those units don’t come with installation or a warranty, so getting them installed then becomes a problem. Split air conditioning systems can only be safely and legally installed by an FGAS qualified engineer, which means you’ll need to find a certified installer to get those units up and running. In this situation, MAC will not be able to install any air conditioning units you’ve purchased separately, even if indoor unit and condenser have the same manufacturer as those we provide. This is because we purchase all our air conditioning units direct from manufacturers to ensure all systems are fully safety approved, come with a complete warranty and keep all insurances intact. With all installation, engineer labour and materials included in our pricing, MAC will always offer a complete package to make your experience as straightforward and stress free as possible.


I don’t need MAC to install my air conditioning and just need to buy AC units

If you’re looking to purchase air conditioning without installation, our portable units are available to purchase online and they’re very easy to set up. When it comes to fixed location air conditioning systems, such as split air conditioning systems, we provide a range of different makes and models, although we cannot supply these systems without installation. This is in line with F-Gas regulations to ensure the air conditioning systems are only installed, serviced or maintained by qualified engineers. You can absolutely find suppliers online that provide air conditioning systems separately, although they will usually make mention of this in their terms and conditions and you should never attempt to install an air conditioning system yourself if you aren’t a qualified engineer. Ultimately customer safety is paramount to us and MAC are not suppliers ourselves, instead we make every effort to include everything you need with your air conditioning, whether you’re purchasing portable unit or having an air conditioning system installed with us.


Can MAC provide different brands of air conditioning systems other than Mitsubishi Daikin or Toshiba?

There are many different manufacturers of air conditioning systems that supply their units globally or to a specific part of the world. This offers plenty of choice, although it can be daunting to make a decision on which you would like installed at your home or business. For example, you may have seen ElectriQ or LG air conditioning units getting frequent mentions in global top ten lists, although you can’t find a single mention of them on MAC’s website. In an effort to make your experience as straightforward and clear as possible, here at MAC we have used our extensive knowledge to streamline our options to those that offer the best balance of quality, efficiency and cost in line with the top three air conditioning brands in the UK. If a product is featured on our website, you can be confident it will either meet or exceed your expectations. That may mean our solutions are not always the cheapest, but you will always get the best possible quality, value, warranty and efficiency in return. This is the core reason why we are unable to provide other brands of air conditioning.


I need the air conditioning system in my vehicle serviced

While increasingly common in many types of vehicles, these air conditioning systems are not quite the same as those you’d expect to find within a home or workplace. They operate on the same principles but are very different to service, repair and maintain. Even the air conditioning refrigerant you’d expect to find in vehicles (R-1234yf) is very different to the type you find used in systems installed into buildings (R-32.) This is primarily why MAC will not be able to assist you in the servicing, repair or regassing of the air conditioning in your vehicle and you will need the help of a trained mechanic.  Whilst we can provide you with EV charging solutions for an electric vehicle, when it comes to assistance with vehicle air conditioning we always recommend a garage or vehicle specialist.


I would like my air conditioning system to be installed as I renovate my home

The opportunity to adapt and modernise a building is can be both exciting and challenging as it can involve so many different people and services to reach completion. At MAC we are more than happy to assist with more extensive install projects, from home offices to multiple rooms as part of an extensive renovation project, although we do adhere to set health and safety regulations for both your safety and for our engineers whilst on site. We do recommend you have a site manager and/or architect on larger scale projects too, as this will help keep everything organised and on schedule so your project runs smoothly. It is important to note that MAC will be unable to provide these planning or site managing services for you but they are still important to organise as it may hinder our ability to provide you with an installation if you do not have these in place before you begin your project.


Can you install air conditioning systems as soon as I make a payment?

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead with air conditioning, you may be keen to have your install as soon as possible, perhaps ahead of any major events or trips, especially if it’s meant as a gift or surprise. We make every effort to provide an installation date that best suits you, but you will need to allow us time to order any equipment and schedule our engineers or electrician to be there when you need them. Once you’ve had your quotation and provide a deposit for us to go ahead, we will take all the necessary steps to ensure your installation proceeds as promptly as possible. We will keep you informed every step of the way and your installation will be completed thoroughly and with care in a timely manner. As a result, we cannot provide next day installation or reduce the duration of our installations. We cut no corners in order to maintain the high quality of service we provide as standard.


Should I get Air Conditioning – Is choosing the right AC system proving to be a challenge?

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MAC are air conditioning specialists with years of experience working with residential or commercial properties throughout the Midlands and can offer a range of options for different types of air conditioning systems from split systems to portable air conditioners that all utilise energy efficient heat pump technology. With an unbeatable track record for the highest standard in customer service and transparent pricing for all our professional services, MAC’s team of HVAC technicians take pride in being honest and upfront with all quotations and advice we provide with our knowledgeable team just a phone call away on 0121 730 4800 to share their expertise. But if you’re short on time, that’s okay too! For an instant quote on an air conditioning installation you can use our free, commercial and domestic pricing calculators for easy access pricing! You can even reach out to the team via WhatsApp on 07561 570 029  or send us a message to for more information so you can choose the best air conditioning cooling system to provide cooling over the hotter summer months as well as providing heating throughout the winter.



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