WiFi Air Conditioner: Why Wifi?

WiFi Air Conditioner: Why Wifi?

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WiFi Air Conditioner

In general, having a WiFi air conditioner means that your air-con unit can be connected to the internet using a WiFi connection. Air conditioning units can either come with WiFi enabled, which means that the WiFi capabilities are built into the appliance, or they can come with WiFi optional, meaning your unit has the option of WIFI capabilities once it is connected to a smart plug or adaptor. Air conditioners can also connect to a local network, meaning it works with phones on this network/ inside the home, or there is also a cloud operation option that works from anywhere!

What are the Benefits of a WiFi Air Conditioner Unit?

We live in a technological age, and recently it seems as if everything has WiFi. But what’s the point of an appliance having WiFi capabilities? Well, there are actually a number of benefits of your air conditioning being connected to the internet:

Improved Energy Efficiency

The WiFi capabilities of your air conditioning unit also allow you to set up schedules and keep the temperature fixed within a narrow range, letting you fully manage your air-con with intelligent triggers. By utilising WiFi control with your air conditioning unit, you can improve the energy efficiency of your air-con system and save up to 25% on your energy usage as a result, saving you money in the long run. You can even monitor the usage history of your unit, including operating modes and temperatures, giving you insights into your AC preferences.

Scheduled Cooling

When it comes to setting up schedules for your air-con, you may think that you must manually set it each day or otherwise must permanently set it to a time and temperature that you’ll then have to go in and adjust anyway. However, you can actually set weekly schedules so that you don’t have to touch your mobile app or even the remote for the week – unless the weather changes drastically! With scheduling, you can set both the temperature and the mode you’d like your AC to use and assign them to specific times throughout the day. Depending on your preferences, you can even set profiles for different times throughout the day.

Intelligent Triggers

Scheduling can also be coupled with intelligent triggers to provide a complete smart air conditioning experience and maximize your energy efficiency. There are a variety of intelligent trigger modes that allow you to automate the process of your AC system within your preset requirements, like the temperature or humidity range in which you want your air-con to operate. If the current conditions are below this set range the AC will turn on at the desired settings to maintain the wanted level. Once this is achieved the air con will switch off. This helps maintain your ideal environment whilst also saving energy with the help of auto-restart and turn-off features.

Controlled Climate From Anywhere

With cloud-connected WiFi, you can control your air conditioning unit from anywhere, no matter how far away from your house you are, as long as you have an internet connection. This means that you can maintain a comfortable temperature for people at home or even pets whilst you’re away! You also have the option to set the temperature ready for when you come in from work, back from holiday, or when you wake up in the morning.

Smart Home Integration

If you have a smart home device like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, then this device can integrate with your air-con. These systems allow you to use voice commands once connected with the smart home device, and you can also activate pre-set modes and temperature ranges. Plus, if the majority of your devices have WiFi capability you can also benefit from full-home integration, giving you the ability to manage all of your devices and their usage from one place.

Zone Controls

If you have more than one air con unit in your home you can vary the temperature and humidity in each room they’re in, creating different zones within your home. These zones can also be controlled from your phone, at any time, no matter where you are. This remote-control option is reliable and can be used no matter whether you’re at home or away.

For Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning, MELCLOUD is the recommended cloud-based control option for your air-con, and the Mitsubishi RN range is a great WiFi-enabled air-con option that can be purchased on our website. Or, as an optional extra, this feature can be included in our popular Mitsubishi Classic models.

Choose WiFi With MAC

Smart systems controlled via WiFi are convenient and cost-effective, giving you full control over your air conditioning wherever you are. If you’re looking to have different settings in the morning when you wake up, for the afternoon when it gets hot, for the evening when you return from work, and for the night when you need a good sleep, WiFi air con is what you need to take complete control of your environment. Using our WiFi-compatible units couldn’t be easier – just set your preferred temperature and enjoy maximum comfort! Controlling the temperature of your home through your phone is just one of the many reasons you should install air-con in your home.

Beat the Heat & Control from Anywhere: WiFi Air Conditioner: Why Wifi? (MAC)

Here at MAC, we understand choosing the right air conditioning for you can be daunting, with so many options and myths out there, it’s hard to know where to start! Luckily, our expert engineers are on hand to help answer any questions and queries you might have! Contact MAC today to find out your options.








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