4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairing

air conditioning needs repairing

It’s a horrible feeling when you turn your air conditioning unit on for the first time in a while and you find that it is not functioning correctly and needs repairing. Often, there are signs that the unit will display if there is a slight problem within the system, which eventually will lead to bigger problems and repairs.

The internet is full of contradicting information, myths and jargon about air conditioning, which is why we’re here to help. In this article, we discuss the signs that you should look out for to note that your air conditioning needs repairing.

Stops cooling or heating properly

It is noticeable when an air conditioning system stops cooling a room properly, whether it’s working and there is no air exiting the unit or if it is taken longer than usual to cool or heat the room. There are many reasons for this and many of these can be fixed via maintenance; this is why it is imperative to schedule in your yearly air conditioning maintenance. However, if it is too late for this, contact a professional to check out the problem and repair it.

Leaking water

Water leaking from either the unit itself or from the ceiling is a common sign that you need your air conditioning unit repairing. It usually means that a drain line is blocked or the condensate pump if fitted needs to be replaced. To ensure you do not cause any damage to your unit, call a professional to sort this for you.

Noisy unit

Your air conditioning unit should make little to no noise, so when you start to hear strange noises, such as banging, humming and rain noises coming from the unit, you may need to look at getting your unit repaired. A noisy unit often means that a part has broken and needs replacing or possibly a refrigerant leak. However, every sound can signal a different type of problem. We would advise that you do not delay getting your unit repaired once you start to hear some unusual noises, so it does not create further problems. If you’d like to learn more about the volume of your air conditioning unit, read our article all about how loud air conditioning is.

Unpleasant smells

Often, an unpleasant smell means that your air conditioner cannot drain the moisture that it has removed from the room correctly. To fix this issue, call out a specialist and get your air conditioner back up and running in optimum working order.

Call MAC if your air conditioning needs repairing!

Keeping your air conditioning unit in optimum condition is important, but we also understand that your AC may need repairing from time to time. Here at MAC, we offer an air conditioning repair service if you ever find that your air conditioning needs repairing. Our service is available for residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout the UK. Contact us on 0121 730 4800, email us at sales@midlandaircon.co.uk or fill out our online contact form to book your air con unit in for a repair with our specialists.

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