8 Unexpected Places to Find Air Con

Storage room with air conditioning unit on the wall

Whether you’re in your home or out and about, there is a range of places you may expect to see air conditioning, but also places you may not even think about air con being needed. Believe it or not, air con is all around us, and in places where you may not expect it to be. In this week’s blog, we’ll reveal 8 unexpected places to find air-con, that just make sense.

1. Lofts

Lofts are the highest point of your house and as a result, are often subject to extreme temperatures. This isn’t a problem when the space is simply used as a loft, but if you’re planning to convert your loft, consider air conditioning in your plans. Of course, there is always the option for a portable air conditioner if an installed system is unsuitable for your needs. Learn all about choosing the perfect air conditioning system for you.

2. Conservatories

Installing air conditioning can keep the temperature in a conservatory comfortable year-round and maximise its usage in your household. The limited wall space in a glass conservatory isn’t a problem if you opt for a floor-mounted air con unit, which occupies the same space that a traditional radiator would.

3. Wine Cellars

You may think that your cellar or basement is already cold enough, but this is not the case if you’re using that space to store wine. Wine cellars must be maintained at around 12°C with a humidity level of 60-65%. This environment requires specialist cooling to remain consistent and is vital to preserving wine.

4. Garden offices, Summer Houses and Sheds

If your shed or summer house is big enough to house items that need to be kept cool, or even people if you have a summer house, then it’s big enough to require cooling. Garden buildings are increasingly popular, and even if your building is simply a wooden shed. It’s also useful to take into account that if there’s one window then a portable air con unit is also an option.

5. Caravans

You might think that the point of a mobile home, like a caravan, is to remain mobile, and so you can’t have something permanent that requires an outdoor element, like wall-mounted air conditioning. However, many people own static caravans that are built into a permanent plot, with added decking and other extras, so why not add an air con unit to the mix?

6. Gyms

Although it’s a given that you head to the gym to work up a sweat, no one wants to be at risk of heatstroke or other heat-related illnesses. That’s why air con in gyms is so important, even though you may not have realised it was there. If you’re sweating with it, imagine how hot it would be without it?

7. Server Rooms

Servers use a lot of electricity and put out a lot of heat as a result. You may not have thought about it but it’s likely any corporate environment has a server room, and this room will need its own dedicated cooling system. Air conditioning will help keep the server from overheating, which would cause issues like starting to malfunction or even cutting out completely.

8. Trains

In the heat of summer, trains can get extremely hot, especially when they’re packed full of people. This is why it’s so exciting that newer trains, end even tubes, are being built with air conditioning. Although most of our UK trains and tube lines are still older models, this makes it a rare treat when you realise that you’re travelling on one equipped with an air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Experts

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