Upcoming Event: the ATMO World Summit 2022

The ATMO World Summit 2022 will reach a global audience of those interested in greener cooling.

Exciting News in the World of Air Con!

ATMOsphere, the natural refrigerants group, has announced the ATMO World Summit 2022. This global event will bring you webinars from leading companies in the industry. The event is from March 30-31 and will be held completely online for this entire 24 hours to allow global access and participation from across the world.

When: 30th March @ 10 am – 31st March @ 9 am (BST/CET)

Where: Zoom – attend anywhere!

Learn How to Future-Proof Your Air Con

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has had an impact, both on how we think about things more generally and specifically on the air conditioning market. The question is now not whether the industry will change in the future, but how exactly it will change and what we can do to keep up with this momentum going forward.

The programme includes presentations on enabling green refrigeration by Energy Recovery and a spotlight on emerging CO₂ refrigeration technologies. At MAC, we’re passionate about future-proofing your air con as much as possible, and this includes pursuing green energy and actively keeping up to date on innovations within air con.

Attend Online – For Free

These online webinars are each an hour long and are free to attend. With a stacked programme of events that will provide a unique opportunity for networking, a forum for discussion, and for information to be shared among industry leaders.

We’re excited to see what the ATMO World Summit 2022 will reveal about the future of air con! The event will start on 30th March at 10 am Central European Time (CET), which is also 10 am British Summer Time (BST), and will end at 9 am CET on 31st March. So, if you have some spare time why not come along and see what’s happening with the future of air-con? After all, it’s free!

Find out more at: https://atmo.org/events/worldsummit2022/

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